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Video is certainly not a new concept for the internet. However, the utilization of video in digital brand strategy has grown significantly in popularity over recent years. In 2016, 60% of all digital marketers reported incorporating video into their strategies. That number will only continue to rise.

The best part is that video is doable for any brand – that includes doctors and medical practices. You have a story to tell and an audience out there that wants to hear it. Making the leap into video content is easier than you think. All you need is a smartphone and an idea!

Let’s look at some of the ways video can benefit your practice’s online presence:


Grabs attention

As we covered previously, a person’s attention span while surfing social media is very short. Therefore, the goal of content is to be eye-catching enough to stop someone from scrolling and engaging enough to keep them focused on your brand. Video is a great way to achieve this by going beyond static photos and articles and taking your content to the next level.


Favored by the Facebook algorithm

This is a huge benefit for practices or doctors who have already have a significant number of page likes. Facebook wants you to make videos! The platform’s newsfeed algorithm prioritizes video over other forms of content and distributes to a higher number of followers. Additionally, if someone has stopped to watch one of your videos in the past, the algorithm makes sure that your next video shows up in that person’s newsfeed again.  


More opportunity for creative expression

Video really opens up a whole new world of content creation and creativity. Find the message of your practice’s brand and build a storytelling strategy around that. Get to the heart of it – what your practice stands for, the experience you deliver and the impact you have had on your patients. This is not the place to be shy! Put some friendly faces to the practice and let the relationship between and your patients (current and potential) grow.


Built-in audience and content

A marketer’s dream come true! Medical practices already have everything they need for awesome video content! Current patients know your business, potential new patients are never in short supply and there is always some kind of action happening. Video creation is a natural step that will only add value to your brand.


Now that you’re excited about video and eager to get started, here are just some of the ways that video can be used to enhance your online presence:

  • Introduce the doctors and staff of the practice.
  • Highlight a procedure or service that is your practice excels at.
  • Announce a new product or service that will be offered.
  • Get some quick patient testimonials for individual videos or a compilation (you know how important patient reviews are!).

Video is one of the most rewarded (and rewarding!) mediums out there in the digital marketing landscape. Don’t get left out! If you would like to learn more about adding video to your company’s strategy, contact us here.