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Writing content for your brand may seem like a bit of a challenge. Writing content for your brand that is compelling, informative and entertaining can be straight up daunting. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be! With a few simple guidelines in mind, you can up your content game and keep you audience engaged (and wanting more!):


Deliver on what you promised

Your reader clicked on your article for a reason. Give them what they’re looking for! A great intro will pull the reader in but don’t take too much time getting to the point. Deliver the promised information in a clear and logical way that makes it easy to move through the content. Be the guide and help lead readers from point A to point B. Not only does this present your brand as an authoritative voice on the topic but trust is established and improves the chances of readers returning.


Order by importance

Online readers have shockingly short attention spans and move through content very quickly. Even with great content, it’s not always guaranteed that a reader will stick around. This is especially true for a piece of content that is spread out (such as slideshows or multi-page listicles). Prioritize your information and start with what is most important or most interesting. This increases the chances of both the reader finishing the content and coming back for more. When it comes to writing web content, you want to start with a bang! Which leads us to…


Write for the distracted

Again, the average attention span of an online reader is short. Don’t beat around the bush! Hook the reader with an intriguing intro and then launch right into the good stuff. A lengthy, winding preamble is a great way to lose a reader. Be clear, concise and direct with your content. Try making your articles easy to scan by sectioning your information and highlighting the key takeaways. Just like we did here!


Inject some personality

Online articles and other web content have the advantage of being a bit more lax and casual in their tone. Have fun with it! You want your writing to strike a balance between personable, conversational and authoritative. If your particular tone of voice or sense of humor is something that can set you apart from competitors, let it shine! Just make sure that you are staying on message and on brand. Photos, videos, gifs or infographics can also be added to make for a more visually appealing and user friendly experience. Again, just make sure that the visuals you use are in line with your brand voice.


Do your research

You put the time and effort into crafting an awesome piece of content – now make sure that it gets in front of the right people. Do your research in regard to the keywords and phrases that your target audience may search for. Use those terms naturally and sparingly throughout your content. This will up your chances of being seen in search engine query and bring more traffic to your page. That, of course, will then make it easier for you to be found in future searches.


Writing content that draws people in (and keeps them coming back for more!) is a skill that anyone can master. If you find that your writing is not getting the results you hope for, re-evaluate your work and keep in mind the tips from this article. Remember to keep it relevant, keep it direct and keep it interesting. With continued practice and research, you can become a content wizard for your brand!