Many clinical trial teams struggle when it comes to successfully reaching out and making a connection with patients. Unfortunately, this means that they also struggle with meeting recruitment goals and deadlines. On the flip side, many patients feel lost when it comes time to find a trial that fits their needs. When often presented with many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose the study that is the best fit.

Clinical trial mobile apps aim to address these issues and ease the burden on both sides. There are several apps on the market today that make it easier for trial teams to not only reach the right potential participants but ensure that the process is smoother once they are enrolled. There are also apps out there that are dedicated to matching patients with studies that suit them appropriately. Thus, increasing the likelihood of recruitment and retention right out of the gate. 

Here are a few digital tools that clinical trial teams may want to consider:

MyStudies is a clinical trial app that was recently introduced by the FDA. This app essentially collects information to make for a smoother trial process. For example, MyStudies can allow patients to securely enroll in and contribute data to any clinical trial in which they participate. Researchers can also customize the app to assess patient-reported outcomes of a study, as well as patient reports of prescription and over-the-counter medication use. Information collected on the app then makes it easier for a clinical trial sponsor to spot trends among patients and help get a better idea of what kinds of audiences they need to reach out to. Focusing your outreach efforts on the right people increases the rates of recruitment and retention. 

Medaptive Health, an open-source product with health-focused offerings, aims to help solve common study challenges and bring the emphasis back to patients and participants. The Medaptive Health app makes it easy for researchers to use a clinical study protocol to automatically engage participants in an ongoing way using surveys, tasks involving the phone’s sensors, regular updates, personalized insights, and information from wearables. Most importantly, this app (and every app mentioned here) is HIPAA-compliant so patients can rest easy knowing that their data and privacy are well protected.

PatientWing is an online recruitment platform that connects patients with clinical trials. Study candidates on PatientWing can connect with a study coordinator faster & hassle-free and always stay in the loop on their trial progress, status and schedule through a secure and user-friendly online portal. Additionally, researchers and sponsors can easily create mobile-friendly, SEO optimized landing pages and embeddable forms that make it simple for patients to move through the application process. While PatientWing is currently only available via the desktop site, an app is likely for the future!

No matter what side of the study process you are on, there are apps and other digital resources available to help with the entire experience. Lean into digital health and embrace the new ways to boost your clinical trial success!