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As we approach the mid-year point of 2019, now is an excellent time to check in with your clinical trial marketing. Are you utilizing best practices and keeping your strategy in tip-top shape? Take stock of your marketing (both digital and traditional) and make any necessary changes. Ask yourself the following questions and think about what proactive steps can be taken to maintain or enhance marketing resources.

Are your social media profiles current and consistent?

Other than your website, your social media profiles are where potential patients are going to get your contact information. Therefore, your profiles need to be kept as up-to-date as your website. If you’ve already succeeded in drawing the audience in and getting them interested in your study (not an easy task!), don’t lose them with missing or inaccurate information. 

Is your website current?

Just as with the social media profiles, the contact information on your website needs to be up-to-date. Don’t lose out on new patient recruitment to such a simple thing. Furthermore, if your site hosts a blog (which is great for boosting SEO and establishing authority), be sure to have that updated regularly – even if once a month is all that you have time for.

Is your branding recognizable?

Confusing and inconsistent branding is a great way to lose potential participants. If a visitor gets different information and visuals when looking at your print materials, website, and social media, they will lose both interest and trust. Keep everything cohesive – photos, fonts, colors, and information – to build brand recognition for your target audience. 

Are your marketing assets fresh and engaging?

This goes for all assets – print and digital. Patient recruitment happens both online and on paper. You need to put your best work forward with both. You already know that your digital marketing should be attention-grabbing and effective at drawing people in. The same goes for your print materials. Cover your bases and make sure that you are also reaching those who don’t spend time on social media. 

Are you engaging with your audience?

Are you taking a proactive approach to your outreach and trying to interact with your audience? Engaging online brings a more human side to clinical trials and helps to boost recruitment. Asking patients to share their stories, holding live Q&A sessions, and recruiting particularly happy patients as “brand ambassadors” and great ways to engage. Doing so makes the trial more welcoming and helps to build trust. 

This, of course, is not a complete list of everything that needs to be taken into account when reviewing your clinical trial marketing. If you need help with your clinical trial marketing or patient recruitment, contact us here.