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The countdown to Christmas is on but you still have time to create holiday-focused marketing content! The festive and celebratory vibes that surround this time of year offer prime opportunity for you to engage with your audience and draw attention to your practice. Posting holiday-themed content will help your practice stay relevant and top of mind.

Here are some ideas for your end-of-year holiday marketing:


Show the Personal Side

Give a view into the people behind the practice! Showing the human side makes your company more relatable, welcoming and accessible. Though it is extremely important for practices to uphold a professional image online, adding a personal touch around the holidays adds a nice bit of warmth. Here are some things to consider showing off:

  • Decorations
  • Staff costumes/dressing up
  • Office parties/events

Adding relevant hashtags will open the opportunity for people to find you who may not have known you before. Thus, an opportunity to bring in new customers!


Create a Gifting & Donating Guide

The holiday season is all about giving – to family, friends and community. Set yourself apart by making your own list of gifts and charities that your audience should consider. Curate a list of items that relate to your specialty and will have significant meaning to your patients. For example, a chiropractor could create a guide that features a yoga ball, a book of posture exercises, enrollment in Tai Chi classes and suggested donations to a charitable organization chosen by the staff or doctors. You want to show your audience that you are caring and knowledgeable.


Provide Health & Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to let loose and enjoy your friends and families. However, festivities should always be celebrated with keeping caution in mind. Show your “voice of authority” side by offering up safety reminders to your audience. Tailor your tips to relate to your practice’s specialty. For example – dentists and cardiologists can warn against the temptation to overindulge in sugar and fat, respectively. Hospitals or emergency care centers may want to stress the importance of safety when hanging lights or shoveling snow. Whatever your advice may be, make sure that it fits your practice and shows off your expertise.


Ask the Patients

Here’s an opportunity for you to turn the tables and feature patients who are willing to star on your social media. Create a series (or multiple) of brief interviews with volunteer patients in which you ask “end of the year” questions. These interviews can be in the form of either photo or video – whatever your practice feels comfortable with. Some series ideas include:  

  • What are you thankful for?
  • What was a highlight of 2017 for you?
  • What would you like to achieve in 2018?

Featuring patients will show your audience that you are engaged and invested in what is happening in their lives.


Send a Holiday E-Card

Sending a holiday e-card via email is a marketing tactic that is simple and effective. Send a holiday card to all your patients simply wishing them a happy holiday. Keep it friendly, casual and easygoing. Don’t try to promote any services or get people through the door. The act itself of sending a warm greeting will be enough to resonate with the receivers. People will remember that kindness – either by remaining a patient or referring your practice to friends and family.


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