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Content is one of the most important pieces of your practice’s overall marketing strategy. It is the foundation on which all other components are based. The sharing of content is essential for the visibility, likeability and relatability of your practice. With attention spans low and internet providing endless distractions, it’s crucial for your practice to promote itself in a way that is engaging, informative and respected. Your content should reach out to your audience and show that you knowledgeable, trustworthy and accessible.


Let’s look at some ways of finding content inspiration and getting those creative juices flowing:


Health observance holidays

National health observances create awareness for important public health topics, raise money for research and make important services available to the public. By celebrating national health observances as part of your practice’s digital marketing strategy, you can gain new patients, educate your community, and create awareness of your brand. As with any other marketing initiative, with proper planning, promotion and engagement you will be able to cultivate national health observances holidays into opportunities for community engagement and digital brand growth.



Understanding the competitors that your practice is up against is an important element of successful marketing and digital strategy. Look at what they are posting on social media, read their blog posts, subscribe to their newsletter. Then take a look at your own content strategy and see how you can rise to the occasion. Just don’t forget to keep the personality and individuality! You want to use your competition for creative inspiration – not a carbon copy.


Health news articles

Staying on the pulse of the latest health news shows that you are current, relevant, and knowledgeable. Repost articles that tie back to your field and your practice. Show your audiences that you pay attention to the latest happenings and how you can be of help. Posting about the latest health


Newsletter subscriptions

Subscribe to a variety of different newsletters to see what’s out there! Get daily or weekly information on all field-related topics that may interest you (for example: dentistry, patient experience, healthcare administration, mobile health…). Feedly is a handy service that allows you to aggregate articles of interest all into one place. Also consider Buffer blog and the Twitter business blog if you would like to keep up with the marketing side of things. Seeing what kind of content others are putting out is sure to get the creative juices flowing and the inspiration rolling.


Patient reviews/feedback

Online reviews from happy patients are a holy grail for many medical practices. Positive reviews on the more popular sites such as Yelp, ZocDoc and Healthgrades play a large role in attracting new patients. Most consumers take customer reviews into account before making a purchase. Healthcare is no different. Potential patients want to be assured that others have had positive experiences with the doctor and practice that they are interested in. Getting a positive review is a great gift! Spin that around and use it in social media posts or email newsletters to promote your services and your team.


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