CASE STUDY: Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

The challenge was monumental – developing and executing a plan for a regional allergy clinic with 7 Knoxville-area offices, and ambitions on rapid growth. The objectives were clear: create an online framework that grows with the practice, reach a broader audience at a local scale by specifically targeting launch areas, enhance patient engagement, and establish the clinic as a national authority among healthcare providers in the allergy domain.

What We Did

Map & Story collaborated with the practice in a partnership that has lasted for over a decade. We trained staff on best practices for online communication, performed extensive SEO to amplify online visibility. We also managed reputation, building reviews while protecting identifying responses from HIPAA concerns.

Our tactics for their local marketing emphasized rank on maps, making it easier for patients to reach the office nearest them. Map & Story also developed a website framework on a foundation of speed, accessibility and extensibility, ensuring the site could keep pace with the practice’s rapid growth. We pioneered the development and integration of patient-centric tools and utilities, and presented to stakeholders an online roadmap updated regularly for sustaining aggressive growth.

People and Culture

The success of this far-reaching initiative was a product of seamless collaboration and integration between our team and the practice’s staff, from ownership, traditional marketing and even presenting to the practitioners. It epitomized a true partnership, founded on shared values prioritizing patient care, growth, and adaptability to the evolving digital landscape. They believed in Map & Story to manage their online presence, and we believed in their desire to seek cutting-edge opportunities to do right by their patients.

Value Delivered

To track our growth, internally assess the success of our initiatives and identify new opportunities, we developed a reporting system assigning predictive values to visitor activities, on and offsite. This allowed us to make granular insights, identifying new opportunities while providing our client with a single number illustrating the worth of their online presence. We assigned weights to dozens of actions such as map views, email contacts, click-to-calls, thank you page visits after an appointment is booked, and searches for location information. By 2019, we had grown this value spectacularly: from approximately $70K to well over $3M per month at an mROI of over 150x. This represents the immense value in a comprehensive digital strategy, not just in expanding reach but also in enhancing the bottom line.


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