Clinical trials are indispensable to scientific and medical advancement. They allow researchers to test out new medical innovations and collect data on safety and effectiveness based on participant outcomes. These trials are the final steps in a long research process and help to produce the best data available for health care decision-making. Even if a participant finds that they do not directly benefit from the results of the clinical trial, the information gathered can help others and add to scientific knowledge.

So, how do you get the participants you need for your clinical trial? It’s all about crafting an effective digital marketing strategy. You need the strategy to reach people and the content to draw them in. Let’s take a look at four aspects that make up a winning clinical trial marketing campaign:


A great way to pique more interest in your clinical trial is to provide a hearty amount of information about the condition you are studying. Give a little background of the condition, list the possible symptoms, and then a brief bit about the trial itself. This will be done on the website and on social media posts. If you want to take it to the next level, write a blog post centered around the particular condition and finish it by directing people to your study.


Clinical studies that feel current or cutting edge will have more success in attracting potential participants. Find a way to tie a current aspect of life into your call for participants. It can be a connection such as a holiday, change of season, or recent news story. People who may be interested in the study will see how it directly relates to their lives and will be more likely to step forward. 


Never discount the power of imagery. The photos that you choose to associate with your study can draw people in or push them away. Imagery, especially of faces, humanizes a clinical trial (an otherwise intimidating or mysterious process) and makes it more welcoming. People can see themselves in that person and, therefore, imagine themselves in your trial. Include color, people-focus images on your website and social media posts and keep an eye on your participant numbers. Remember – it is not one size fits all. Tailor your imagery to the specific study taking place. 


When it comes to the content for your clinical trial marketing campaign, choose quality over quantity. Take your time with creating a campaign and carefully choose your words and images. A well thought out campaign that is both clear and intriguing will give you the best chances of drawing in higher numbers of quality candidates. Once you have a narrative that has proven to resonate with your audience, keep it in on deck for the future. You will need to make tweaks to the content relevant and timely but that campaign will help serve you in future iterations of the trial.

The goal for a successful clinical trial marketing campaign is the marriage of narrative and strategy. Find your best possible candidates by creating a story to which they can relate. When people see themselves in the condition described, they will also imagine a future in which they receive care and treatment. And your clinical trial can be the vehicle to make that happen.