Don’t Get in Your Own Way: Communication Roadblocks to Avoid


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Effective writing for marketing and communications is essential in the digital strategy of your medical practice. Writing within healthcare marketing needs to be engaging yet also clear and direct. Without it, we risk paving the way for miscommunication and misunderstanding between patients and doctors. A confused or untrusting audience will likely not remain loyal to your brand and seek help elsewhere.

Every marketer makes mistakes occasionally and has opportunities for improvement. If you’re not learning you’re not growing, right? Let’s take a look at 3 roadblocks to avoid when it comes to healthcare marketing communications:



A euphemism is a generally innocuous word or expression used in place of one that might be offensive or suggest something unpleasant. Euphemisms are often used to dull the harshness of something or to be amusing. They do have their place and time but euphemisms should not have a place in your healthcare marketing. A medical practice is a business of experts who solve problems and provide help – live up to those expectations. A physician that is a clear, direct communicator gives off a demeanor of authority and confidence. Same goes for the practice as a brand. Say what you mean and be viewed as credible.



Hyperbolic language is the use of exaggeration in rhetoric or in figures of speech. Hyperbole is often used to empathize and intensify thus, in the process, makes your statement neither specific or entirely truthful. Specificity and accuracy are especially important when it comes to medical language. If you are marketing a procedure or clinical trial based on a certain set of symptoms, you want the right people coming through your door. Therefore, you need to employ specificity. Hyperbolic generalizations or exaggerations can make your practice look uninformed and untrustworthy.


Jargon and Slang

Jargon is language that is used in a particular context (by those of a certain trade, occupation or profession) and may not be well understood outside of that context. Examples would be acronyms that are never explained or nicknames that may seem unprofessional. Use of jargon in your marketing leaves the door open for miscommunication. Be open, clear, and direct with the language you use to describe medical issues. Additionally, modern slang should be avoided. This has the potential to confuse or drive away your audience. It’s very tempting to be hip but save it for your personal accounts.


You put hard work into your marketing strategy. Don’t let communication roadblocks undermine your goals you are trying to reach. Need help with your writing? Contact us here!

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