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Social Listening for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Social media is a key component of your clinical trial's overall digital strategy and is an invaluable tool to boost business and connect with your patient base. What not everyone may realize is that these digital platforms can also be extremely useful in...

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Patient Recruitment Landing Pages That Convert

Map & Story has previously covered how search engine advertising can drive successful targeted marketing campaigns to reach proactive patients in your local area. Now what? Once you get a user interested in a clinical trial via your ad, you then need to be...

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Creating Clinical Trial Advocates Through Patient Engagement

Patients in today’s world often take to digital means after a diagnosis. Whether medical information sites, blogs, social media groups, or specialized message boards, the internet provides patients with a connection to their greater community. With this connection and...

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Why Your Published Clinical Trial Research Matters

What happens after a clinical trial wraps up? Trials in the United States are, by law, required to submit their FDA-approved medical research results to the database The database, operating since 2008, is a dumping ground of raw data and serves as...

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